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Learn 108 of the most common ukulele chords!

Chords are presented in an easy to understand format. Each root chord's main variations are displayed just like the examples above, plus the Transposing Chart helps make it easy to convert songs to different keys to match your voice... plus the complete Fretboard Map for the first 12 frets will help you learn where the individual notes are for fingerpicking, plus the handy section of Chords to Learn First will get you off to a quick start.
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I designed this ukulele chord
chart when I first tried to learn to play
the ukulele. Download the chord chart PDF.
Includes a transposing guide, fretboard map & more!
Both sides of the chart and folded view
Click A B C D E F or G to change the chords shown above
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Please read all the features.  There are many free ukulele PDF chord charts available but none quite like this one.

The Ukulele Chord Chart

Ukulele A Chords Diagram